1. Golden Goodness Tasty Soya Pieces are Texturized Soya Protein chunks, made from locally sourced Soyabean.
  2. Excellent source of protein compared to dairy products, meats and lentils
  3. Suitable for adults and children
  4. Taste just like meat, but 100% Vegetarian, irrespective of our flavours
  5. Halaal
  6. Makes a great relish, (please see recipes page for delicious recipes)
  1. An inexpensive source of protein, dietary fibre and essential amino acids
  2. No cholesterol or fatty acids

There are a number of delicious recipes that can be made. Click on our link here to find out quick, healthy and delicious recipes

Tasty Soya Pieces, without any flavouring is made from 100% Soyabean. Depending on the flavour you choose, various ingredients are there, which are always listed on the back of our packets.

  1. Under the Golden Goodness Brand we have Soya Mince, a quick and easy to prepare meal as well as Instant Thobwa
  2. Emilios Corns Puffs and Snacks
  3. Seba’s HEPS, a High Energy Protein Supplement
  1. It is suitable for all!

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